Factory Security from AWSS

With optimised security, your factory can benefit from protection for buildings, materials, products and employees.

Factories are often targeted by criminals – with raw materials such as copper and steel highly sought after. With security systems and remote monitoring in place, your factory’s security will be optimised, reducing the risk of theft and keeping your factory running efficiently.

What is remote monitoring and how can it benefit factory security

Remote monitoring is when security systems installed at your site are monitored by an external central station (also know as an alarm receiving centre or remote monitoring station).

Detectors installed at your factory identify unusual activity – perhaps someone in the factory after normal working hours or an individual breaking the perimeter of your site. Your CCTV cameras will start to capture footage, which is transmitted to the remote monitoring station. From there, staff at the remote monitoring station will act quickly to investigate the cause of the alarm, studying the CCTV footage.

If the security team identifies suspicious activity they will immediately call the relevant parties, including the emergency services if required.

The benefits of remote monitoring for factory security:

Remote monitoring services can improve the security of factories with:

By choosing remote monitoring you’ll have peace of mind knowing security experts are watching your factory when you need it most – whether that’s 24/7, 365 days a year or just over night when your on-site security team go home.

With AWSS providing your remote monitoring you’ll also benefit from an industry leader in this specialist field. Find out more about the standards we set